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Midlink Business Park


An Idea So Big It Takes Up 340 Acres

Connect with a great location
Here are just a few of the compelling reasons to locate at Midlink:

Strategic location
Midlink is a 340-acre, park-like development at the southeast corner of Sprinkle Rd. and E. Cork St. in Kalamazoo County, within striking distance of many Midwest commercial centers. It is midway between Chicago and Detroit, within a 2-hour drive of either city. The property is served by the CN and Norfolk Southern railroads and is only a mile from Kalamazoo’s International Airport.

Renaissance Zone tax savings
Approximately 35 additional acres surrounding the building are in the designated Renaissance Zone and offer tenants substantial tax incentives.

Cost savings
A significant benefit for tenants is the reduction in their capital expenditure budget resulting from Midlink’s extra-high-capacity utility infrastructures (electricity, gas, water and sewer systems) already installed on the property. In addition, water retention requirements are already met in the Park due to an existing retention pond and wetland area already serving the property. The land you lease can be used 100% for your development with no allocation needed for water retention.

Attractive setting
The Park is a visually inviting campus designed with tree-lined boulevards, extensive landscaping, contemporary lighting and water features. Midlink will appeal
to the most image-minded companies.

Divisible parcels up to 60 acres are available. Parcels include almost a mile of frontage on Sprinkle Road with I-94 visibility.
For sales and leasing information, click here. Midlink is a Hackman Capital property